Appointed Committees

Advocacy Committee

Staff Contact: David Gonzalez Jr., 717.718.7847
Chair: Bev Mackereth, Consultant

The Advocacy Committee advocates on behalf of YCEA members and for the betterment of York County. The Committee is responsive to all YCEA advocacy needs. The Committee provides education about governmental, regulatory and business issues – monitors and researchs to gather timely and thorough information – and presents it in a fact-based and non-partisan manner. Additionally, the Committee will continue to encourage member engagement with advocacy, focusing on issues that matter through event programming and connecting with government officials.

Executive Committee

Staff Contact: Kevin Schreiber, 717.771.4573
Chair: William T. Yanavitch II, Kinsley

The role of the Executive Committee is to implement the Board’s fiduciary, strategic, and generative plans, policies, and decisions consistent with the organization’s vision and mission statement. The Executive Committee supports the CEO and engages in decision making between Board meetings or in urgent and crisis circumstances. The officers of the Board and the President/CEO serve as members of the Executive Committee. The President/CEO is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

Finance Committee

Staff Contact: Nancy Barry, 717.771.4578
Chair: Grace Quartey, CPA, Grace & Associates

The Finance Committee reviews the Economic Alliance financial statements and investment performances monthly. The Committee also finalizes the annual budget and presents it to the Board for approval.

Governance Committee

Staff Contact: Yiyang D’Allaird, 717.718.7845
Chair: Claire Forbush, Univest

The Governance Committee consists of Alliance officers and board members as designated and oversees operations, board development and recruitment, and board management.

York County Workforce Advisory Committee

Staff Contact: Sully Pinos, 717.771.4577

The Workforce Advisory Committee engages employers, educators and community partners to create a life-long learning environment that will attract and retain strong businesses and a diverse, talented workforce critical for sustaining a vibrant community and a growing, innovative economy.

​Our Board of Directors

Meet and get to know the YCEA Board of Directors.