The Welcoming Workplaces initiative was first conceptualized by the Confronting Racism Coalition (CRC) and was among the recommendations set forth in the Economic Equity Plan that was established by the CRC and adopted into the strategic plan of the York County Economic Alliance (YCEA).

To develop this, a group of C-suite executives from major employers in York County met under the facilitation of Deborah Vereen of The Vereen Group in order to spotlight, share, develop and expand policies and procedures to build and retain a more diverse workforce, and establish more welcoming workplaces for diverse individuals, and grow the number of organizations and companies committed to the best practices identified by the council.

The initiative, with the input of participating employers, looked to implement a set of strategic actions that will allow for the hard and sensitive work required to ensure that economic growth and development are inclusive of the broader spectrum of York’s residents, businesses, schools, and community stakeholders by leveraging the collaboration, resources, and expertise needed to create and foster a belonging York County environment in which to live, work, learn, and play. This work requires leaders of the corporate and business community as well as stakeholders from the community and non-profit world to move forward together.

The mission of Welcoming Workplaces is to drive opportunities to support the diversity of talent in the workplace and advance shared prosperity based on four strategic focus areas:

Talent Attraction

Investing in a Welcoming Workplace creates opportunities in York County to attract and elevate a diverse talent.

Talent Retention

Investing in a Welcoming Workplace creates opportunities in York County to retain, invest in professional development, and elevate a diverse talent.

Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures outlast people and institutionalize the intent of this initiative to make lasting systemic change.

Knowledge Sharing

Provide an open resource center for DEI best practices and Welcoming Workplaces mentorship to accelerate the evolution of a more welcoming community

Become a Welcoming Workplace!

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Participating Employers

Best Practices

The practices below were identified as integral methods to support the themes of Welcoming Workplaces. As more employers join the effort, this list will grow to feature more best practices for other companies to use in their workplace

Talent Attraction

    • Hiring Campaign featuring current staff featured in targeted and strategic locations.
    • “Ban the Box” Initiative to remove “prior criminal history” from the application process.
    • Pay Equity Initiative- question about prior salary information to make job offers to establish fairness in hiring practices.
    • Development of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion positions within leadership teams.

Talent Retention

    • Commitment to increase Persons of Color representation in leadership teams through promotions, training investments, and mentorship.
    • Establishing Employee Resource groups to support women, African American, Latino/a, Veterans, Asian, LGBTQ+ and Young Professionals in the workplace.

Policies & Procedures

    • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy- DEI Statement.
    • Policies to increase supplier diversity with businesses with disabilities, veteran owned and LGBTQ+ businesses.
    • Polices to create Employee Resource Groups in the workplace.

Knowledge Sharing

    • Cultural Awareness and Inclusion Training Education.
    • Information Sharing with Non-Traditional Participants.