Small Business Development Program

Mission Statement

To engage employers, educators and community partners to create a life-long learning environment that attracts and retains strong businesses and a diverse, talented workforce critical for sustaining a vibrant community and a growing, innovative economy. 

CLICK HERE to view the Pathways to Prosperity Countywide Workforce Action Plan.

For assistance with your workforce development needs, please contact: Sully Pinos, Director, Business Solutions and Innovation, at 717.771.4577.

Industry Partnerships

The York County Economic Alliance (YCEA) strives to focus on the growing industry needs and demands to create collaborative solutions to better serve our employers and workforce. Education, Industry and Community are at the forefront of any successful partnership. As such, we are committed to highlighting the current opportunities available for partnership.

Career Exploration

To develop the best skilled and diverse workforce, YCEA believes in the opportunity to promote career exploration in the school setting. YCEA continues to work with school districts and organizations such as the York County Alliance for Learning and the York Builders Association to enhance career exploration activities for youth. Most recently, we partnered with these groups to organize exploration days for high school students in the Manufacturing and Construction industries.


York County is home to an industrious background. To enhance the skills training for future workforce, many employers have incorporated a hands-on approach for their recruitment efforts by allowing unskilled employees enter their workforce as a learner.

Resources and Partners

View our compiled list of Workforce Development Partners and Resources in York County.

Funding Sources for Workforce Development

To assist businesses and educational partners identify funding opportunities for innovative workforce solutions, you can review available state and federal grants available below.

Workforce Advisory Committee

The York County Economic Alliance convenes a quarterly meeting with community, educational, business and workforce stakeholders to advise with the implementation of the Workforce Action Plan and share best practices to provide collaboration in addressing local and regional workforce issues. If you’d like to be a part of the committee, please contact Sully Pinos.