York County Planning Regions

Greater York Region

The Greater York Region of York County encompasses the center of the county, stretching from the Susquehanna River in the east to the rolling hills of Jackson and Paradise Townships in the west. York City sits in the heart of the region. The majority of the county’s population resides and works in the Greater York Region. As the County’s hub for office, retail and industrial employment, the Greater York Region will likely continue to serve as the County’s predominate region for growth.

Vision Statement

We believe in the conservation of rural and scenic areas accompanied by agricultural protection and agriculturally related support for businesses while also pursuing a continuing effort toward the revitalization and infill for the city, boroughs, and township with underused buildings.  We seek to recruit target industries, including firms engaged in research, development, technology and innovation. We envision nothing less than the full potential of higher density, mixed use development growth and commercial corridor development accessibility and alternative modes of transportation.

Northern Region

The Northern Region of York County often identifies itself with the Harrisburg market. The region is home to small downtowns such as Dillsburg and sprawling residential subdivisions. Major transportation corridors such as Route 15, Interstate 83 and the PA Turnpike, intersect the region. Many sites along these corridors are posed for development in the next 10 years and the region will likely increase its share of industrial, office and retail jobs in the County.

Vision Statement

We strive to manage growth and development while also actively participating in the conservation of rural and scenic areas and the revitalization and infill within the boroughs. Our support of agricultural protection also extends to agricultural-related businesses. We are dedicated to commercial corridor development along major arterials including Interstate 83, Interstate 76, Route 15, Route 74, Route 194 (Baltimore Pike), Route 177 (Rosstown Road), Route 382 (Lewisberry Road), Route 262 (Valley Road), Route 392 (Yocumtown Road), Route 295 (Cragmoor Road), and Route 181 (York Haven Road).

South Central Region

The South Central Region of York County is home to a number of small town boroughs, rich farm lands and many residential developments. The region has seen rapid residential development over the last decade. Most of this region’s development is centered along the I-83 corridor.

Vision Statement

Our continuing endeavor of agricultural protections, and the support of agriculturally-related businesses, plays an integral role in the retention and expansion of small businesses where infrastructure supports growth. Our aim for office, retail (to serve population), and industrial growth is directed to existing industrial parks in an effort to continuously provide the conservation of rural and scenic areas.

South Eastern Region

The South Eastern Region of York County is home to some of the most plentiful agricultural lands in the area. Bordered by the Susquehanna River to the east, rural and small town charm are key characteristics of the region. Route 74 connects the region to York City to the north and Maryland to the south.

Vision Statement

We are dedicated to managed growth and development of community/cultural facilities and services, including a youth center, playground, library and medical offices. Our continued focus on limited neighborhood-serving retail expansion along Route 74 corridor and boroughs, with an emphasis on smaller-scale shops, helps service the South Eastern Region while also supporting agritourism which includes but is not limited to bed and breakfasts, corn mazes, hayrides and wineries.

South Western Region

The South Western Region of York County has a rich industrial and agricultural heritage. The Hanover Area is the county’s second largest population center. Reuse and infill development will be key to future industrial, office and retail development in the area. Nationally recognized brands, such as Utz and Synder’s-Lance, are located in the South Western Region.

Vision Statement

In the South Western Region we are dedicated to the revitalization and infill in boroughs, including restaurants, small retail shops, and small-scale offices to serve the local population with limited neighborhood-serving, smaller scale retail expansion in townships that address the daily needs of residents. Our continued focus on diversification of manufacturing and industrial-based development, accompanied by an emphasis on smaller-scale shops, helps service the Region while also supporting agritourism which includes but is not limited to bed and breakfasts, corn mazes, hayrides and wineries.

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