In an effort to familiarize York County voters with candidates on the ballot this general election, YCEA directed questions to candidates running in contested races. Below are answers provided by Eugene DePasquale, the challenger running for U.S. Representative of the Pennsylvania 10th Congressional District.

Eugene DePasquale, challenger for U.S. Representative – PA 10th District

How would you describe the spirit of the district you are running to represent?

Pennsylvania-10 is a district built upon the hard work of middle-class families. It’s a community that is resilient and tough, and at the same time compassionate, something we saw first-hand during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. As many struggled, community groups stepped up to help those most impacted, get by and stay safe.


What is a major takeaway from 2020 that you believe will influence policy in the years ahead?

We must be better prepared for large scale public health emergencies. It is critical that if ever faced with another crisis like COVID-19 that our country be prepared to contain the threat as quickly as possible. I support measures to ensure we maintain a robust national stockpile of emergency medical equipment and personal protective equipment, with a domestic manufacturing pipeline at the ready to produce essential equipment when needed, have clear guidance from our public health experts on immediate steps to take in the event of another pandemic, and are prepared to implement contact tracing protocols to stem the spread of a potential communicable health threat.


What sets York County apart from communities across the commonwealth?

York County has tremendous avenues for growth, particularly because of its strategic location near significant areas of commerce like State College, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia. Our proximity to those areas gives the county a unique opportunity to be an economic hub in its own right. Realizing that potential however will take investments in infrastructure, such as repairing our roads and bridges. Those investments would create well-paying blue-collar jobs and set us up to succeed over the coming decades.


For those small business owners or residents who are concerned about their financial outlook, what is something you would like to work towards to help the economy recover?

Washington has failed our small business owners. The Paycheck Protection Program lacked the transparency it needed, and ultimately sent billions of dollars to large corporations and lobbyists, while leaving small businesses in the district behind. If elected to Congress, I would push for a second round of PPP funds targeted towards small businesses and work to increase oversight into the program. I also support increased funding for job retraining, and incentivizing the creation of green economy jobs which will be critical to 21st century economic success.


What leisure activity or new hobby have you found yourself doing more of throughout this time of social distancing?

The current health crisis has made enjoying simple activities we would take for granted under normal circumstances, challenging. During this time of social distancing I have been lucky to maintain my training routine, meditate, and enjoy hikes with my children.

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