In an effort to familiarize York County voters with candidates on the ballot this general election, YCEA directed questions to candidates running in contested races. Below are answers provided by Kacey French, the challenger running for State Representative of the 95th House District in Pennsylvania.

Kacey French, challenger for State Representative – 95th District

How would you describe the spirit of the district you are running to represent?

The 95th district is a wonderful quilt of blended fabrics. The district includes the City of York an often-underappreciated gem with huge potential, and the towns of West York, West Manchester – Ward 1, and Spring Garden. The spirit that one finds within the 95th is that of a place where one may build a wonderful home and life within a very satisfying and generous community.


What is a major takeaway from 2020 that you believe will influence policy in the years ahead?

We are now at a time where internet access should be as basic a right as indoor plumbing and electricity. The inequity of its availability to all within this district has become quite clear. This has and must be changed.


What sets York County apart from communities across the commonwealth?

York County offers great opportunities for innovation, growth, and change. While also being easily accessible to and from major cities such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington DC. The state of Pennsylvania is the keystone state because it has held a key position in the economic, social, and political development of the United States. And like the state, York County holds the same key position.


For those small business owners or residents who are concerned about their financial outlook, what is something you would like to work towards to help the economy recover?

    • In support of our aging population I would propose legislation that would freeze the eviction of our elderly who cannot afford to pay their property taxes.
    • I would work towards fiscal accountability for the state budget. We now more than ever need a budget that works towards getting us on the road to recovery, not one that will place a huge debt burden on future generations.
    • I would propose the replacement of archaic technologies that create more work, less efficiencies, and more expense to operate than what innovation has made currently available for state run agencies and systems such as unemployment.


What leisure activity or new hobby have you found yourself doing more of throughout this time of social distancing?

From the start of COVID-19 in March, I began taking long walks, hikes and bike rides on many of the trails found within York County. York County is known for its 4,500 acres of public park land and miles of trails. In addition, I have taken to taking walks in many of the neighborhoods that make up the 95th I thought I knew most, but I have found there are many more places to explore.

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