In an effort to familiarize York County voters with candidates on the ballot this general election, YCEA directed questions to candidates running in contested races. Below are answers provided by Sarah Hammond, the challenger running for U.S. Representative of the Pennsylvania 11th Congressional District.

Sarah Hammond, challenger for U.S. Representative – PA 11th District

How would you describe the spirit of the district you are running to represent?

I think that we’re hopeful. There are so many dedicated individuals all across York and Lancaster counties who are working hard to have the difficult conversations that are necessary to usher in growth here. I am proud of our community-driven nature, because you won’t find harder working people anywhere else!


What is a major takeaway from 2020 that you believe will influence policy in the years ahead?

Just as we saw with the economic crash in 2008, we are seeing too many hard-working people losing not only their livelihoods but suffering without access to healthcare in the middle of a deadly global pandemic. I think that we are on the cusp of a healthcare revolution, where we will see the focus shift from employer-based healthcare access to an untethered version that is not reliant on employment. This will allow more people to have greater access and flexibility to the care that they need — particularly in times where we need it most.


What sets York County apart from communities across the commonwealth?

There’s a lot of pride throughout York County! From our integral history, to the industrious economy, our nationally known athletes and musicians, and our status as the “Snack Food Capital of the World” — York Countians will proudly defend our roots through and through!


For those small business owners or residents who are concerned about their financial outlook, what is something you would like to work towards to help the economy recover?

Universal broadband is an important place to start, as well as uncoupling healthcare from employment. We need to make sure that our small businesses have access to the technology necessary to conduct business in a safe manner, and fight for real stimulus relief — not just loans — so that more of our small businesses and contractors can prosper.


What leisure activity or new hobby have you found yourself doing more of throughout this time of social distancing?

Making phone calls! I’m running for Congress and really view it as my duty to invest my time wholly into listening to and connecting our constituents with the resources they need, particularly in the midst of a pandemic.

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