In an effort to familiarize York County voters with candidates on the ballot this general election, YCEA directed questions to candidates running in contested races. Below are answers provided by Lloyd Smucker, the incumbent running for U.S. Representative of the Pennsylvania 11th Congressional District.

Lloyd Smucker, incumbent for U.S. Representative – PA 11th District

How would you describe the spirit of the district you are running to represent?

Our community prides itself on the value of hard work and the importance of helping your neighbors. Our history of agricultural and manufacturing innovation has fueled the success of our families and the economy. We value freedom and liberty, and take responsibility for our own actions and success.


What is a major takeaway from 2020 that you believe will influence policy in the years ahead?

The role that government should play in private industries and personal lives has been tested this year as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic. We watched state government single-handedly close businesses that families built from the ground up. Instead of empowering industries, schools, communities, and families to make decisions that were best for their health, Governor Wolf mandated one-size-fits-all edicts. Instead of a top-down approach, we should empower local government, industry leaders, and families to make their own decisions.


What sets York County apart from communities across the commonwealth?

Over the last two years of representing York County, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to meet the residents and learn more about the industries that power the economy. I have spent many days visiting businesses, meeting with constituents, and walking the streets. I am proud to represent York County and feel at home in the community. York County has become a central hub for population growth and innovation in the Commonwealth. I have visited and learned from constituents in every part of the district, from Hanover as the Snack Food Capitol of the World, to Peach Bottom’s efforts to produce clean and safe energy, to Wrightsville’s heritage and scenic tourism industry.


For those small business owners or residents who are concerned about their financial outlook, what is something you would like to work towards to help the economy recover?

The Federal Government must act to provide additional PPP funding and assistance to businesses who are struggling through no fault of their own. Through the CARES Act, Congress took swift action to provide funding for small businesses to ensure they could reopen safely and ensure their employees received paychecks. Over 100,000 jobs were saved in PA-11 because of the paycheck protection program. The CARES Act also provided funding to state and local governments, educational institutions and our healthcare facilities.

Our economy is uniquely positioned to recover better than ever before because of the record low unemployment and economic growth we experienced prior to COVID. These opportunities extend to every demographic via the most significant wage growth and household income growth in decades. Rebuilding our economy is the key to ensuring our families have good-paying jobs.


What leisure activity or new hobby have you found yourself doing more of throughout this time of social distancing?

We have all adapted to the virtual world throughout the pandemic, which I believe will benefit our community and economy moving forward. Throughout the district, people relied on my office to navigate guidance for their businesses, employees, and personal matters. Our office worked diligently to connect and accomplish tasks that we were accustomed to doing in person. Serving the people of this community is my top priority and I am proud to say we were able to do so throughout the challenges presented by COVID-19.

During the time at home, my wife Cindy and I had the opportunity to have our three children home from school, college, and a new career. Even under unfortunate circumstances, we were happy to be able to spend quality time together as a family.

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